The Actuarial Profession

The actuarial profession in the UK is represented by the Faculty of Actuaries (Scotland) and the Institute of Actuaries.

The Staple Inn Actuarial Society (SIAS)

The Staple Inn Actuarial Society arranges a wide variety of professional and social activities, designed to appeal primarily to students and recently qualified actuaries. The Society has 5,000 members throughout the UK and overseas.

The Government Actuary’s Department (GAD)

A Government department which is also an actuarial consulting firm operating on commercial lines. The GAD gives actuarial advice concerning public policy, advises on public sector pension schemes and also advises the governments of many other countries on similar topics.

The Actuary Magazine

The Actuary is the official publication of the actuarial profession in the United Kingdom and is published in London by the Staple Inn Actuarial Society.