Due to the ever popular demand for Contractuary.com’s service and its impending expansion into the global marketplace, the company’s website is currently undergoing a much needed facelift.

Contractuary.com is taking the actuarial contract market by storm with its unique offering – free, direct, communication and negotiation between actuary employers and contractors. By cutting out the middleman, Contractuary allows for a more effective service for both parties concerned.

Securing your next actuarial contract has never been so easy, and this is a feature that more and more actuaries are catching on to. Contractuary’s CEO, David Crawford, has been overwhelmed by the extent of positive feedback he has received from actuaries all over the world – so much so that global expansion of the brand is nothing short of necessary.

So in order to meet the requirements of the global call, Contractuary’s website is being configured to best serve the actuarial profession. Our concept is a winning one, now we just have to make it universal!