The long awaited and much anticipated Contractuary interview, has finally landed on a computer screen near you!

The exclusive interview with, “The Man Behind Contractuary”, David Crawford, gives an insight into the life and times of this extraordinary man. From chip shop owner, to actuarial recruitment mogul, David takes us through his journey with his trademark comic wit. Friends, fans and colleagues alike are certainly in for a treat and perhaps somewhat of a surprise with this one. What will undoubtedly strike you, is David’s down-to-earth nature, as he enjoys a casual chat about Contractuary, how it evolved and all the other major factors in his life – including his son Jack, and his girlfriend Libby.

Shot in his home/office, at the very tip of the Emerald Isle, Portrush beach provides the perfect backdrop for the informal interview, as David very warmly welcomes us into his life. David is lucky enough to wake up every morning to the breathtaking sights we caught on film, working in such picturesque surroundings. Despite being a front-runner in the actuarial recruitment profession, employing shrewd entrepreneurial abilities, the video really captures David in a much rounder light. A family man at heart, David enjoys the simple things in life – walks on the beach, a round of golf, meals in with Libby and chilling out with his son Jack. As continues to go from strength to strength, as the first free to use actuarial recruitment portal, David is geared towards global success.

So stay tuned to see how his journey progresses. One incredible man, with an incredible story resulting in an incredible service! David Crawford is the “Man Behind Contractuary”. Check the Video Out: IImagMHu304