Despite a relatively recent arrival on the actuarial contracting scene, and its unique offering continues to grow from strength to strength. In the past few days the company has supplied 20 actuary contractors to a major life insurance company.

As such achievements continue to build it is clear to see that the actuarial profession is very much in favour of the Contractuary concept. Based on a professional ethos, is the first free to use portal for actuarial contractors and employers to negotiate actuarial contracts. By cutting out the unnecessary middleman, both parties can engage directly, ensuring that all communication is accurate and fully understood.

In order to be included in Contractuary’s system all contractors must progress through a filtration process to ensure that only the highest calibre of professionals are available to perspective employers. Many such employers thrive on the idea that eligible contractors are easily accessible through Contractuary’s free to use service.

With what we believe to be a winning concept, this type of contract with a major life insurance company is just the beginning of a prosperous reign for