Since it’s launch only a few weeks ago, has successfully set the ball rolling towards achieving it’s ultimate objective – of being a professional, one-stop-shop for the interaction between actuarial contractors and actuarial contract employers.

The site started off with 192 contractors already on board. As it started to draw attention from many within the actuarial profession, the service implemented its filtering process to ensure that only the best candidates were included in the system. This filter process embodies contractuary’s professional ethos, which it strives to deliver to both the actuarial contractors and actuarial contract employers. Due to this process, employers can be confident that any contractors they interact with maintain the relevant qualifications and fit the exact bill for the job vacancy at hand – it truly is an excellent tool which ensures to provide the best service for both parties involved.

Since the launch of the site, 10 actuarial contractors have attempted to register with, but in keeping with the philosophy of the service 4 of these candidates had to be discounted in order to maintain the high standard of actuarial professionals available.

Contractuary’s immediate success has encouraged it’s CEO, David Crawford to take the company global. With new clients registering daily, the response to the actuarial portal is positive with no signs of slowing. Contractuary’s concept has been widely accepted giving confidence in the belief that the service should break into the wider market.

The company has recently released a video interview explaining Contracuary in it’s own words – with easy to understand dialogue it’s a great tool and reference point for any potential clients – goes to all necessary lengths to deliver valuable and tangible benefits to the actuarial contractor and employer community.